Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bridges on Land: Cars and Trucks: Cross the Water In The Ways

Bridges to See: Bridges to cross, in the california sun, good times...Plenty of frogs, plenty of fish, plenty of good and evil to check for the lights to come on. Sinners and saints, the seven days of the week, to party and play, tricks and traders on the low roads, RV camper. |Dream life of shit to trade, freaks out at night, suckers on the beach. Tricks and trades to cum and play on the dark sides of the moon. Frogs and fish trapped in dazes for the food of the land whales, to be eaten alive. 

 Tricks and trades to suck out free will, time on the cross, time in hell, time in a den of snakes. Notes of an angel or two, notes of a fair fight, to the rites to write the history, of love and hate. Tips, tales and tweets, notices over the internet, online for the good times shared.

August 29, 2015: Snakes and worms alive, Steven Jarrot, worm to date, hacker, crook, robber, bitch to dick, 7608512267 dicks snakes, and worm, lessons, classesless butches, gifts of oral talents to share. Turns on top, bags of shit to trade, party and pay, 7608512267.

Fairy Tips

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