Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Notes, Tips And Tales, Birds Black And Blue

Happy Notes, Bees And Birds, Songs To sing, trips to east side, big times hits. Jeffersons, maids once, good times. Horse and pony shows, movies to see, "Lucky Guy", poker players Time to dance, wild woman, bones to break, good times, dances in the dark. Tips and frog army, frogs and toads, classes on the beach. Happiness in one hand, peace and love in other hand, goodness and mercy. Angels in sky, earth angels on land, pixies and fairies at night.

Tales to know, wife to show, love and hate, lovers to dazes in the past, ships passing in the night. Stars and wishes, hopes and prayers, birds and bees, goodness and mercy. Angels and bright stars, questions in the air. Joys and pains, bumps in the road, rocks under the waves, ship of frogs.

Jumps for joy, big hits, songs to sing, dances all night long. Happiness times, joys and pains, classes on the beach: angels on earth, tales and stories left, good times.

Head under water, bleating air, live life under water. Gifts on both sides of the coin, flipping fine, songs to sing. Girls in hood,red hood on girls in the woods, trips with bread and  cakes. Little red riding hood, girl in woods to see grandmother, fairy tales, lost and confused.

Veterans and earth ages  of goodness and mercy, gifts to share. Tips and tales, wolves in the woods, dogwood trees, 420 trees, farmer's markets. Mickey Brown, seven kids, friends on right and left sides of graves. Wise women, my mother, uncle James Brown. Happy and blue flipping coins.

Thanks for kids, tips on trips to hell, kindness and mercy shared. Lights on part of the time is dandy and fine. Time is a wheel, and time does not stop for looks, charms or grasses that are greener for the cattle, bison, and buffs around and around the wheels turns, and the wheels do stop going around in time, not time it never stops. Dances in the wind on the beach. Younger Whales: Landwhalestodatebuffalos.blogspot.com

Transplants from Cubu, Sima and StevenJarrot, alive still?Butches, bitches, and whales on land to date, fake friends, noses high in air, above their station, jokes on freaks out at night, good times to share around the camp fires.....www.akaqa.com/question/q19192380568-Transplants-from. Happy Dazes Done Daily: Dark Zombies: Zombie Morning This morning start still in the dark of the night, the sun was not up yet, and not sure what kind of day we will have. Zombies.

Rachel and Rocky Jarrot, party and play freaks out to suck you dry. Transplants from Cubu, Sima and StevenJarrot, alive still?Butches, bitches, and whales on land to date, fake friends, noses high in air, above their station, jokes on freaks out at night, good times to share around the camp fires....

Dances with wolves, dances in the dark, dances in shame, tricks and trades.Notes of joys and sorrows, joys and pains. Transplants Wolves: Paul and Sima Jarrot: Dead and Dying, Freaks and Snakes. Seeds of hate and love, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267-seven snakes-land whale, monkeys to dodge. Rach Jay, Charles R. Jarrot, Rachel Jarrot, Rachel Butch, faces of frogs, faces of fish in the sea, rats racers:   apples of his eyes. 

Turning the pages, notes to share, snakes dens, monkeys swingers  on dogwood tree, bumps to dodge, wolf in hen house, pigs to blow, houses and all, tricks and trade, pimp and liars. Crooks and robbers, gang bang groups, frogs and snakes:  leader of the packs, donkey in hills, Steven and Rachel, Sheri, Sima Jarrot, queens of England, in the real world. Porn movie stars, cartoon hits, lots of laughs, history online, your to enjoy, lessons learned on different  paths.

 Stats to share, dead veterans every day 22 daily counts: veterans sad and blue, jokes in faces of the monkeys swinging on trees. Shame in the life given after time served in the military, seas of tears to cross, for the Americans dead, sad stories of dead veterans. And it is still going on as I write! It gives me cause to wonder how you are doing? It sounds as though you have a positive attitude and high hopes for your future which shows already your strength and your resolve!

Rats......familyfuckfestthursdaysindec2014.blogspot.comCached 7608512267 (May 9, 2013)760 360 1613: with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair. The lucky guy, songs to sing, good times, movies to see. Lucky card player, at wars in battles, fun and games. Skills and luck, friends and foes at the table. Chats online to do, best to play, good times. Crooks and robbers, poker players in the family, songs to sing. Dreams of mothers dead, singer in the family, dead to rights.Cold winds in the city of sins, games of chance, poker players, movie to see.

 Cards, chips and coins, five fingers to play, cards on the table, players and bets, games to play. Jackpots, cards in hand, lucky guy. Trips to islands, coins for boat man, trips to hell, gifts to share. Horse and pony shows, rats and cards, games to play, dances in the dark.Schools of hard knocks, lessons to learn, more than two times, love and hate, goats to sheep,  horns or not. Tales to share, history notes, good timed, stories recorded. UPDATES: History recorded.

July 21, 2015: Another story fresh from the seas of frogs.  Steven Jarrot, niggers and white slaves, history online. Holiday from male frogs with offspring in April, 16, 1995, Rachellyn1010 , Rachel  Wigsout , Rachel  Jarrot , one day a year, joys and pleasures. Done and over. Looking at the days, months, and color of your shirt, a new fairy tale. Let's take September 4, 1962, first attempts  in learning, learned in first attempt. Life lessons to share.Flipping the coin, looking in the mirror in yesterday, days done.

It was the third of September, in the month of March 2011:  This was how the story went. Guy met girl, loved the image, black female veteran, the first one, stories so funny, kept the girl for awhile. Happy with girl of his dreams, mother met her, was not  able to talk, scream and yellowed for police. What a show, bitch in heat, scared to death, funny to see, Rachel Jarrot had a big laugh. Still laughing no doubt, not sure. What a happy day it was, trip to meet the mother, Sima Jarrot, the Queen of Cuba? Not the queen of ENLAND for sure. Lessons learned alone the way, good times, cards on the table.


  1. Land whale, butch forever, horse and pony shows, crooks, cheaters and liars, monkeys to dodge. Raçhel Butch, Rachel Wigsoff, Rachel Jarrot - Journalism (From The View of an Advertiser) Cum Suckers, tricks on corners, cash or credit, cows do fly. Frog Army, Snakes in dens, angels to see in the host, high on air. WordPress.com › jor2361 › 2014/03/02... One day for free, cattle do fly, clowns to the left. Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to, fuck a wide-ass buffalo, licks to trade, Jewish land whale, tipping cows: chat with Rachel Jarrot, a butch to fuck: peer from my Journalism ...Rachel Jarrot, butch forever, - Vine › co › ...
    I'm sorry for the pains, that family and life in the military have thrown at you!

  2. Love, lights, leaders, heads in the clouds, the young at heart, the sinners, the saints, waves from the ground. Hopes, wishes, dreams, prayers for a better day. Some things were meant to be, wholes lives in the shadows of grace, hands in the air, good times, over the pains of the bites of black knights.