Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Horns And Hearts, Hands To Chest, Fingers In Air, Bad Chicks, Red Lights On.

Notes to play, fish and frogs to follow, the piper with the the songs to sing, games to play good times. Tips to dodge the fish that have feet, frogs and snakes in the water, fairy tales for the kids. Goats and sheep, rats to races, happy days again, to laugh and play, horns to blue, dances with rats. Glory dazes done, back in the date, dates with snakes and frogs, dances in the dark, dances in shame, tales to spin.

Lover and haters, goats and sheep, tales in the air, with the hopes, dreams with babes in classes. Classes of lovers, classes of haters, classes of sinners and saints, pages to turn, coins to flip, good times. Times to sing, time to dance, time to write, the songs and the horses to shows. Circles of life, circles of charms, circles and games, wheels to go around. 12 times a day, faces to flash, time and space, animals under the skin. Classes to teach, classes to take, classes of every day, every hour, as a teacher or a student. 

Updates to review, growth and changes, faces in the mirror, by the hour.....Donkeys in the hills, monkeys on top, dogwood trees, rebirths, and birthday months. By the faces under the skins, donkeys and monkeys, jackasses to frogs, snakes in grass. Back in the day, lovers and hates, hats to wear, jackasses in the valleys, good times, bumps in the road. 

Whatever....Bitch Hacker, Low Life Spooks, Snakes, Niggers 2: Steven Jarrot 7608512267 .Tin Men Turns: Where are the others, the lion, the tiger and the bear? Where are the lion, the scarecrow, the dog, and the girl? Walks on the yellow brick road, watch out for the bumps in the road, watch out for the holes and the potholes on the road. Happy and delighted for another day above ground, happy and full of joy and peace for a new start, in a better place. Gifts of words to share daily, of the acts of kindness, the hand out to help the lose, the confused, and the displaced homeless veterans.
Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs Tips....princefrogguplandtips.blogspot.com/
Faces in the mirror, faces in the morning, faces of snakes and frogs, party hogs. ....Cat with eight legs, how does that work, lots more jobs to clean up? Hats and horns, joys and pains, ships that pass at night, lessons to learn, games on the sands of time. Hats and caps, wigs and halos, dances on the seven seas, tales on land, whales and sharks, plenty of fish in the seas.
Love and luck, seas to sail, dates with ships, boats to float, dances on the water, coins and cards to flip, good times. Dates for the sunny dazes, dances with drama, frogs and fish, lots of monkeys on land, faces in the mirror. Lots of boats on the water, lots of dreams on the ships, dances for dollars, rats to races, rocks to dodge. You thought your cat knocking things off the table was bad. Try owning a cat with eight legs! This thing would be able to break your stuff twice as fast. Lots of love to share, hits and misses, classes of dogs, classes on the beaches....

Tip on dice, never knew that, rolling to games of chance, lucky in cards, lucky in life, lots of love. Coins and cards to flip. Purple rain, purple hay in fields, stars in heaven, moments to share, Prince now gone, yesterday, candles in the winds, songs to sing, loves that were lost. Angels in the skies, angels on earth, angels in host, dreams of pot, dreams of blue dreams, dazes in the sun, glory dazes done.

Reflections, Lessons Learned, Clocks And Time. back in the day, had a sister with a problem. More than one, lots of hard knocks for Red Moons, Penny Starr Bright, hate to drive, sinners and saints, back in the day, evil and mean, nasty facts to face, faces of snakes, faces under the skin, so hard to say, faces in the mirror. More than one time, not a mistake, how the wheels turn, and time never stops, moving on, trains to catch, planes to fly, have a hanger next to the garage, flying to the cattle in the open ranges, Texas for starts, new begining, back to square one.

Books on Review….http://instantblogsubscribers.com/vip/maxmorejoy...MAGIC! – Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool (Audio)….Just one day out of life, wanted to stop and say, what a great day to be alive. Windows and doors open to a better day, plans and goals in place, joys and pains to learn alone the paths choose, mountains to climb every day. Life is an adventure, and life is a dream in motions, time to work on dreams in action.Moving on, turning pages, reflections to do, one more time. Daily events, to get the work done, classes done….

Nightmares to deal with the fake friends that leave you to swing in the wind, happy to save their own skin, happy to keep heads in the sand. Gifts and talents runs to good looks, lack of brains, with lots of tickets for trains, and free plane rides. Hell hounds here on earth, gifts from the center of the earth, gifts from the fake friends, lies for the truth and honesty with rose color glasses. Mistakes made with the whales on land, mistakes made with the fairies, mistakes made with the frogs and the fools.

Lessons learned the first time, gifts and rewards given for the corrections to the mistakes made to make you stronger, gifts to share of the joys and the pains of the bumps in the roads, and the classes in play still. Love and hate, horns on a goat, for the 9th or the 10th century, with the "Vikings", a movie. I liked it a lot, and have only great things to say about the brothers with another mother, and the falls on the left sides of the graves. Brothers unknown until the time of death, unknown until after the deaths of the father and the brother, and that was about love and devotion twisted. Happy and delighted for the little miracles given daily.

Angels broken, angels on earth, angels with wings broken, fell from the sky. Stars out to shine, goodness and mercy, angels to watch, angels with host. Gifts of girls with tales to write, girls with red hoods, lost and in the dark. Sad and alone, without family, without a home, just for a season in the sun. Classes to do, love and hate, lovers and haters, snakes and frogs, American Toads. 

Cuban and the kids and goats, sheep for some, goats for others, white and black, in the darkness for life. Lights to turn on, over time, over space, snakes in the grass, snakes in the dark. Joys and pains, bumps in the roads, lessons learned the first time. Pages to grow, pages of haters, pages of goats, pages of sheep, ships of dreams to sails, ship of fools to sell. 

Back in time, when dirt was young, and Jesus Christ was a boy, Rachel Jarrot, was 16 once, loved it so much, got lost in the year, best year up to day, 2011. 2012 grandmother got ran over by a reindeer, not.Sinners and Saints, Black Snakes In Grass, Steven Jarrot ...goodtimeshappynotesclassesonbeach.blogspot.com/.../sinners-and-saints-...7608512267, White Niggers, Black Or Jewish Rites. Nice snake, black in sands of time, thanks. Frog Army, Jewish Frogs To ...Ladies of the night, butches and bitches, dicks to strap on, games to play, roles of dykes.....saved for a moment...smithuritza.blogspot.comIn The Shadows.

In The Dark, Reapers Of Good And Evil. Uncle Sam, thanks so much, G. I. Jose, military past and present. Round Worlds: Heaven notes, worlds to see, shapes and six stars, days under the sky. Wishes, dreams and prayers, stars out tonight. Stars bright, and stars blue, what a site toe dead. Coins for the dead, coins for the sons, coins for the frogs to see on the left sides.

Faces in the mirror, faces in the morning, faces of snakes and frogs, party hogs. ....
Mean and nasty, girls for role models, “Mean Girls” Classes Of Bitches, Pages to turn, lessons on snakes, freaks and fakes, ways to grow, ways to expand, ships of freaks, ships of frogs, ships of drama. Cali Cow dreams, Rach Jay, Rachel and Sima Jarrot, coins to flip, Steven and Charles R. Jarrot. 7608512267, classes on the beach, Tin Can Affairs, RV campers for life, dreams life on the beach, parked for the day, Ventura, CA?

tinmantalesandtreats.blogspot.com/…/american-toads-seven-snakes-steve… Dances in the dark, dances with different family members first. Daddy,Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, host or travel, party and play, good times.Den of snakes jarrot jewish white stars 2014: Seven Snakes ……7608512267- Steven jarrotjewishwhitestars2014.blogsp..

The Offices of Charles R. Jarrot – Beverly Hills, CA … Death raths to float, jokes on bones in a box or seven snakes, Princes of frogs, Steven Jarrot, 7605643510 .

Jewish and white liars, tips online to share. Thanks to sisters of color. Veterans dated, guys and drools, freaks and frogs, camping on the side of the road, parked at the beach. Land whales out to flip land sharks, to trick or trade, to eat while out for dazes. Friends that have snakes under the skin, crooks and robber, Jewish rites, frogs in glasses, mud views not clear to a sinner or a saint.

Trips To Hell And Back, Snakes, Frogs, And Rats To Teachers....Pieces of a Dream - Veterans Stories, Sad and Blue, and Unbelievable for a few, dicks and dogs, dicks to say what is real to others. Snakes Growths And Changes, Signs Of Life, Tales Up...Pieces of a Dream - 

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