Monday, April 25, 2016

Hares To Horns, Big Hairs, Prince And The Paths To Greatness, Glory Dazes Done.

Thanks so much for sharing, sad story how he died, no time to go to the doctors, so many chances to get back on track and see what was the problem. Sighs on air, the signs of dying, not noted doing that day, or the others that we never knew about. Prince died, so young, wanted to watch him get older, candles in the winds, lights out to stay. Miss you now, Prince, angel in the sky, songs in the winds, glory dazes done.

Back in time, pictures from the past, teaches us more lessons, pages to turn, tips and tales, of how it was. Dances in the dark, dances in drama, ways to grow, ways to have fun, classes on love and hate, classes of stars, classes of hits over time and space. Games to play, have a good time, help others alone the way, give to the kids that are lost, hands to hold, hearts to mend, hands to hares, hats to horns, goats and sheep, lives on the lines. Tales of days gone, lessons learned back in the day, good and bad, views of other times, hats to horns, pages to turn.

Birds and Bees, Show To Do, Good Times....Happy Dazes Again Hard Knocks, Movie Rights, good times, lost in time and space, songs to sing. Princess Whale, the bitch of West coast, Rachel Jarrot, expired in 2015, like granny in 2012. Birds And Bees, Babies To Be Born, Rebirths, And Birthday Done. Live and learn, lessons every day, more to cum, more to pay, babies in a basket, nuts and funny ways to change. Love and luck, lots of time to spend, dates with kids, out of the womb, hits and misses. Joys and pains, lots of hard knocks, live in a family of five kids, born at the same time, same day, normal for who? Lots of luck, basket cases and kids, goats and sheep, songs to sing, how great life is...

U just can't cure stupid👉 Steven Jarrot:7608512267.Jewish,Wide-asses.Super-freaks party and play.Drug dealers,Charles R. Jarrot, to steal cash and credit..Crooks, Robbers, Cheaters grandmothers Sima and Rachel Jarrot, 88, and 92, years old family members.Charles R. Jarrot L.a. Inc.@SPTsou5👈 Love or hate, and the words that are in pack more wisdom on the forts in the road. Love or hate so hard to see the lights on the heart...Horns to sound, donkeys fucked, in the hills, in the valley, in Upland, CA, Sheri and Rach Jay, Sima and Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, to date. Time for the sluts to run, games with dicks in line, party and play, family of jackasses. Time stars to shine at night. In to the woods, into the dark, angels and fairies to fall in the snakes.  

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