Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Free Rides, Cows And Pigs to Fly, Glory Dazes Done, Eyes Colored Blue, Left And Right Feet, Dances To Dates.

Love and lights, snakes and frogs, treats and trades, walks in the woods, joys and pains, pictures to tell. Lots of love, lots of luck, snakes with two heads, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, in other words, lights to shine. Classes on love and hate, hats and horns to blow, races for rats, good times to sing. Dick Jarrot, Steven Jarrot, just a dog, just a bitch in heat, all the time, hard to say, when he is not the gang bang pimp, on wheels , RV camper for the dicks to suck, corner hoe or freak out to rob and steal, lights to turn on, after the sun goes down, life looking at the beach over again, Ventura sandy shores.

Seven snakes alive, faces of snakes with two heads, lots of views of snakes in grass, another one to talk about. Snakes and worms, hits and misses, classes of snakes, faces of dogs, faces on coins, games on the tables. Steven Jarrot, Not Adam Jarrot: Dreams, Life of Tasteful Delights, Movies Made. Dances for love, dances for movie roles, time to work, sucking dicks, good times, glory holes on the walls. Dicks on call, lots of tricks, trades and shit to smoke, snakes and frogs. 

Rachel and Steven Jarrot, doing tricks for cash to put in the RV, campers and Jews, buying to store, junk is their lives, dances on the beach. Tricks and trades, blow jobs on the set, oral talents to shine, good times, RV campers on the grounds. To Fuck or not to fuck, bumps in the roads, party and play, time to pay, tales in the air, dicks to suck in lines, cameraman shots, porn stars. Shit for brains, snakes in grass, frogs for food. ...Free Rides, Snakes To Bury, Dicks For Shows.....Dick Jarrot, Seven Snakes, Steven Jarrot, Low Rider Rat....

Reasons, seasons and causes, tales in your head, dreams dancing in my head. New plans, new dreams, new cattle and more sheep. Blue and green people, search is on, dates to set with mature, witty owls, kings on land, lions to locate. Knights to shine, kings on land, lions in other forms, men of class. Leaders as kings, Peter Pan rides again.  Dicks, Dogs, Bitches In Heat, Trips to hell and back. Dances with dogs, dances with bitches, dancesin drama, ways to grow. Rachel Jarrot, Rach Jay, Rach Butch, dates with wigs and caps, so what, how to cover bald heads. Jewish land whales, cheap tricks to make movies, moves to make. Tales online of haters, hats and horns, stories of wigs and caps to heads, gifts taken, hares to woods, snakes and worms, in the grass, dates on the side of the roads. Cheers, birthday hits and misses, Rach Jay, 21 in April, day of the dead, day of the beginning, not a goat, not a sheep, not a kid, moves to make, lessons to learn, dates with freaks. Lights to turn on, third eye open, not the right one, dates on the side of the road, wales of lies to unfold, hats and wigs, back in time, lots of luck, hares in lines. Dicks and dogs, birthday hits, bitches in heat, moves to make, songs to sing, how great Rachel Jarrot is, tales to spin, frogs to hop, dances for luck. Songs to sing,

Birds and Bees, Show To Do, Good Times....Happy Dazes Again Hard Knocks, Movie Rights, good times, lost in time and space, songs to sing. Princess Whale, the bitch of West coast, Rachel Jarrot, expired in 2015, like granny in 2012. Birds And Bees, Babies To Be Born, Rebirths, And Birthday Done. Live and learn, lessons every day, more to cum, more to pay, babies in a basket, nuts and funny ways to change. Love and luck, lots of time to spend, dates with kids, out of the womb, hits and misses. Joys and pains, lots of hard knocks, live in a family of five kids, born at the same time, same day, normal for who? Lots of luck, basket cases and kids, goats and sheep, songs to sing, how great life is...

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