Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Faces, Views, Noses, Chicks, Babes, Lots Of Luck, Lessons Daily: Angels. Love And Luck Left.

New ports to tie the boat, waves on the water, birds to fly, good times, trips to the mountain tops. Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of tests over time, hands to hold, two hearts on the mountains, angels in other words, signs of the times. Waves in the air, ships to sail, love, luck, lights, leaders, tests over time. Gems and stones, rocks to roll, plenty of fish to fry, dances on the sands of time. Write with the stats, the interests, the place you live, things to share. Books to write, or note, new beginnings, birthdays daily, rebirths, out with the old, new with the new waves on the deep blue seas. Faces, Views, Noses, Chicks, Babes, Lots Of Luck, Lessons Daily: Angels.

Jet fighter waterskiing: Flying across the water, trips to good times, ways to go, ways to stand out, trips on the seven seas. Dances on water, dances on waves, dances to the rocks and the surf, shit holy, shit high times, shit in the air, sinners and saints to spare. Joys and pains, bumps in the road, rocks under the waves, life on the water. Faces, Views, Noses, Chicks, Babes, Lots Of Luck, Lessons Daily: Angels.


Confidentiality is a virtue of the loyal as loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness. not everyone is loyal I even know people what will make out there loyal to get on in life those are very sneaky people. they would not know what loyalty was if it hit them in the face. when you find that one person with who is faithfulness cause you will know don't let them go there so rare indeed a person who as loyalty running through there blood will make sure you conquer the world together.Dances In The Dark, Spiders And Snakes, Tips And Tales: History Noted.Faces, Views, Noses, Chicks, Babes, Lots Of Luck, Lessons Daily: Angels.

Updates to review, growth and changes, faces in the mirror, by the hour.....Donkeys in the hills, monkeys on top, dogwood trees, rebirths, and birthday months. By the faces under the skins, donkeys and monkeys, jackasses to frogs, snakes in grass. Back in the day, lovers and hates, hats to wear, jackasses in the valleys, good times, bumps in the road. #MyMotto .......cause no one will know your struggles like you do, so when you reach a goal

Colors, shades of white called olive, still white, tan or chocolate color is better that pink skinned like most white color people. Same house, different color, same as olive or black skin still. Skin color, and red blood is common also for the near dead people also. Help for the small, shallow, simple, self-serving, self-center, and hidden agenda people with blood that is not red. Same all around the world, people here on earth, have red blood, skin colors did not matter.

Freaks, fraters, and haters, givers and takes, lights on, darkness and shadows remove, food to live, happens to us all. Givers and takes, both sides of the coin. Love and hate, both four letter words, same on the down low, or words to distrust, same or equal to faithful and bullshit, works on the flip side of the coins to date. Funny and gay, happy and gay, sunny and bright, lifestyle to sing songs about, daily quest to find happiness, to share. Alone on the seas of changes.

This picture reminds of Frank Agresti, kissing ass, only thing he can do now, at his age. Bald head, and skinny, not in this life, hares lost long ago, with the charms of grass of snake, freak, frog, or a redneck.  Lots of hugs and kisses to the asses in the house, the donkeys, dawgs and dicks, take your pick. Love for cow, hog or pig, big guy, code for fat as a house, notes to share, how dumb and stupid he is, and has always been. To get mad at the reaction of the treatment of the kids, to toss the things out of a sister of color, one day in the pass. Not their business, Franky Trees business, and he choose to kiss asses of his kids instead. Out of love, out of looks, out of charms with a bald head.

Rednecks and hilly billy goats, love and hate, the horns of goat, love is gone, for the sister of color, the chick named Starr, out of the world of snakes, spiders and worms. Dogs in the hogs, bigger than Starr, had to leave it somewhere, bad place in a apartment, with the rats and roaches from NY. Had to give away, did not sell for monkey, stuck on stupid, every day of the week, and twice on Sunday. Dicks and dawgs, heads in sand, kissing asses to stay in the house. How to make yourself fee good. To last a lifetime, heads to bury in the sands, out of love, out of looks, out of charms, out of his mind. Fat and wide, hogs and pigs, rednecks in the house.

Donkeys in packs, monkeys to dodge, freaks, frogs, and snakes in the grass. Cows to call home, pages to books. Frank Agresti , 🍂 💦:🎃 🎃🍵 💪Adriana Agresti, Alex Agresti,Juliana Santiago. Tricks traders, dicks, dawgs, bitches in heat, monkeys in pack, monkeys to dodge.Stories of sisters of color, men and leaders, tips and tales to share.Repair, restore, replace the deeds and actions, you may have done, trades to be done. Orange County, California,Pages to turn, history to note, games with dogs, games with snakes, life and love, horns of a goat, love and hate, to change, by the minute. Love and luck, love and hate, sheep and goats, hats and horns of love, ways to view the world, tricks and trades, dimes calls to make. 

Nightmares: Veterans Stories: Hard Knocks Schools. Goats With Horns: Love, Hate: Sounds To Blast, Crooks, Cheaters, Liars, Cattle. Freaks, frogs, and snakes, tips and tales, stories to share, history to note, pages to books. Lights to shine, lights to turn on, holiday hits and misses. Dream lives on hold, dicks, dawgs, dates, snakes in the house, snakes under the skin, good times to share, dances in the dark. Horses To Races, Dog And Pony Shows,Cartoon Hits, Cartoon Network, Time To Fly.

Here we go again, the short hairs are pulled, and the family is forgotten, that family that was there for the bad times, and the times that changed, and the times when it was a matter of wishing for a better life, and then you forget what it was like, during the travels that you had to do alone. It was a matter of what the reward was, how can any thing be worth the trip, if the cash has to go to a cow that became a buffalo? It was a matter of a minor in place, and now that is not the case, it is about the joy and pleasure that delighted the creation of the loins, and it is to be shared by all, because that is the state of perfection. 

Still in the dark. Sheri Jarrot 7603601613. The whale, big mouth bitch, fat as a cow with a calf in the oven. Bottle Blonde Bimbo, bad hair queer and cattle caller, always putting here nose in family members affairs. Always dodged this super-sized wide ass jackass, mouth is too big for most of us. Hate the views, and the twisted and bend levels of truth and honesty with her, have her views to share. Fake friend, whale to date, base ball hat hairdresser to talk dung all day long, her make-up, and a one butch state of affairs.

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  1. Red, Blue Balls, Games: Balls in Air: Dances with Dense....Dence, Dumb, Simple, shallow, Snakes in your face, anger issues, Steven Jarrot,needle snakes, white slave cum suckers to date, fag , pussy: glory holes open wide: trades to **, pimping butches for gas money, bring smokes please, every john to suck dicks, on beack. Oral experts, leaders, monkeys and snakes, blue light specials, good times.... show more Do It Yourself (DIY) · 9 months ago How many of you gay guys would like to? Dances with wolves, dances with crooks, dances with boy toys, tricks and trades, free rides for sluts, free rides on dongs, free rides of faces of freaks. sluts and slots, cards to read, coins to flip, glory holes open wide.

    Charlie R. Jarrot, 7608512267-pimps at 9099200725.  TO GET HIS MONEY....On another note have a story of a man and a woman... show more Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Heard a song on bad girls all stars anyone know what it is? Donna Summer, Bad Girls. only one that comes to mind.....Jokes and laughs about the frogs, freaks, steers and queers, herds of jackasses to date...Sheri Jarrot, Queen of Whales, butch, and dyke, with big mouth, stuff best with Dick, record 5 at once...Monkey see, monkey do, excuses to blame others.Blame others with fingers pointed at crazy