Saturday, August 29, 2015

Duck Monkeys

Ducks Notes
Time for a new look, instead of monkeys, let's use ducks. Monkey see, monkey say and monkey hear, flip the coins, for same look in ducks. Water off a ducks back, time never stops, with the monkeys on backs of duck, and hope to fuck a duck in water? Happy go lucky ducks to say, to hear, to eat for food to eat. Ducks are monkeys, taste like chicken, bones in a box, trips to the moons, dances with kittens, dames and sweet dreams flumes. Joys and pains, water off a ducks back, moving on to dry and hot dazes in the sands, dances on the beach.

Pictures flashing in a dreams, free as a bird going to flowers in dogwood trees, mountains tops sights to be seen. Flying far away from shadows in the dark. Frogs and snakes, toads and fakes, joy and pains, dancing done in the vane, trips to hell with horns and bells... Charms and wits of a frog, sleep at night to eat like a hog, tina and clowns makes freaks cum out. Tricks and trades, from the devil within, prey on sinners and saints. Hung on a cross, to swing in the wind, earth angel tricked and pimped for many months of shame. Clowns and jokers the Toasts of Jewish rites, white fat freaks to date, cum suckers, fat land whales, flipped a land shark, whale can eat shark alive, while in a dazes.  Joy and pleasures, from the devil in snake suit, of love and devotion,

Hidden in the shadows, hidden on the beach, fools and frogs,  with seven snakes hidden with in. Crooks and robbers, into the woods, monkeys and dog devils hanging from trees. Tricks and trades, crooks and robbers, party and play calls of the night. Freaks and frogs to cum, into the shadows, into the night, gifts of drugs, sucker or devils to sucker out free wills.

Manuel Lima: A visual history of human knowledge.....Pilot:Jessica Cox is the world's first licensed armless pilot, as well as the first armless black-belt in the American Taekwondo Association. She was born without arms due to a rare birth defect. Wikipedia: BornFebruary 2, 1983 (age 31), Sierra Vista, AZ: EducationUniversity of Arizona

What a life to share the bumps on the roads taken always full speed ahead, gifts to share of the cherries with the pitts, rocks under the sand and surf of the beaches. Mountains to climb and valleys to cross, not my life, just thankful for the lessons on displace, thankful not my tales to live this life of joys and pains, angels for the gifts to share, goodness and mercy, dreams in the wind, 420 blowing on the sands and the seas of life, joys and delights of a full life, with the hard knocks, and a smile to light the dark nights on the bright side of the moons. Happy and delight for the gift to write, and the gift of right and reasons for the season of good wishes and joy and happiness.

Frogs, rats running the races to more and better dazes on the right side of the graves, his story to share, my stories to share, in the blogs, in the tweets, in the views on questions around the internet. Pieces of a dream life, that was a night mare for me, stuck in a coffin with my boyfriend, Steven Jay Jarrot, displace veteran with a dick to suck for the cock sucker, a dick for the bottom boy of craigslist, oral expert, gay guy that knows his way around man candy, dicks and tricks to trade always, 7608512267, fuck fest with Rachel, and Sheri Jarrot, fruits and nuts to go in the RV at the beach the best for Steven and the low lifes for a day vacation, not for life of a full grown freak, or frog just another dick or dog on the outside, waiting for the cattle and whales in the tribe. 

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Great day to be alive, a duck with water off its back, monkeys and snakes, swinging from tree to tree, in the woods with dogwood trees. Life is good, life is better alive and undead, hell in high waters, frogs to float. Thanks to god, and angels goodness and mercy to watch my back, turns trips to hell to water off a ducks back. Sunny and bright days in the winds. Jumps for joy, jumps for peace and understanding, joy for the toys, jacks and balls. Kids of the sixty's, balls in counts.

Time on cross, tricked and pimped, jokers and poker players to the right, good times while down and half dead. Life in the shadows, was life on a cross, hung by pins, left to dry and holler. Sad and blue, smiles upside down, luck in the horse shoes, with standard luck of horse suit turn up like a you. Luck of the Irish, luck of a saint, time in hell, just for a season. Time taken to help a snake, forgot the golden rule, sometimes you win, sometimes you loss, trying to create another fools reviews.

Life shaped as a frog, dress in mask, to trick, to trade, and to lie. Seven snakes, seven frogs, seven seasons, seven days, seven monkeys out of time and reasons. Jokes today, fat and freaks, clowns to the left, cum suckers to the right, monkeys hanging on dogwood trees. Monkeys left swinging on trees, to hang until dead, crooks and robbers, Jesus Christ. Jewish and white, my best guess, history not news, monkeys like Jesus Christ, Jesuit Charlie, and Steven Jarrot.
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  1. Monkeys Stealing Things, Steven And Sheri Jarrot, Jokes....
    Monkey tales, jokes and laughs, good times, dates with land whales, songs to sing, fires of hopes burning bright, dances on the sands of times. Notes of life of others, to give and to take the lessons learned alone the paths taken. Bumps in the roads, frogs and snakes, tales of Jewish White Monkeys 2016, tips of love and hate, monkeys to dodge, monkeys to swing, to trade, to tricke, cash or credit. Card tricks, poker players, flipping cards, games to play, party and play, day jobs, freaks out at night.
    Songs to sing, horse and pony shows, rats racing, daily jobs, to blow more dicks, cum suckers to date.