Monday, August 24, 2015

Cat and Mouse : Dog Tricks, Horse And Pony Shows

Mouse Games: Tom and Jerry Heide, Tom and Jerry, the cat and the rat, the cat and the rodent, joys and pains, to die over again. Mouse in the house, rat in the house, fish in bowls in the house, jokes to date, mouse or man. Good times over the rainbows, good times in the land of the dead, time and space to spare. Classes on the beach, how to stay alive, time in hell over and done. Time for more sunshine, in Sunny California, holiday for the sinners and the saints, time served fighting for the states.

Birds and bees in the sky so high, joys and pains, bumps in the road, time on the crosses, to protect and serve. Thanks for the time in space, the trips away from home, the long distance calls, worlds across the waters. Trips to the dry sands of the world, time in fox holes for days, thanks for the pictures of the life in military. Trips to hell in the heat, guns and gear on your backs, the few the chosen, the Marines. Time spent across the states, trips by flying tigers to transport, the men in military, across time lines.

Tom and the best platfrom to watch tom and jerry cartoons and tom and jerry movies, you can find all videos of tom and jerry on tomandjerry.orgTom Jerry Cartoons - Image Results. We Hate Haters, Inc. Hates Trump: Karen De Coster:Looks like the Southern Poverty Law Center is finally going to add Trump to its Hate Map.

Crows Calls, Cattle calls, fresh meat to bake, fish to fry: Dances on the sands of time, notes to dead left in tBirds to sing, crows call, birds in sky. Angels goodness and mercy, dress up for dates. Dazes of the dead, dazes of joys and pains, tips to get to heights of heavens in sky. Trips to the moon, trips to heaven, trips of joys and pleasures. Birds of a feather, birds of a flock, birds and bees in the dogwood trees.

Stars bright tonight, over the lands and seas, gifts of darkness to see the bright blue stars. Hello Starr, Hello Sad and Blue, songs to sing, glory dazes done, penny moore to spare. Penny Moore, not Penny Less, time to sing, time to dance, over the sands of time, over the moon and back, dances on the beach.

Good times, good dazes to stand, time and space for a look of change on your face. Arms to military, arms to rights, arms to fight a good fight. Teaches and trainers, goats with horns, love and hate, joys and pains. Tips and tales of the best days lived. The best is yet to cum, the time of our lives, time in the sunshine.

Hope fire burning forever, hope is to hold on, pain ends, birds and bees, songs to sing. Joys and pains, good and bad, joys and pleasures, good and evil, deeds and actions rewards. Gifts for sinners and saints, frogs and freaks with heads in asses of tricks and traders, life is a beach then you die. Veterans dead with snakes, veterans dead in RV fires, veterans lost and confused, dead without hope. Hold on, pains ends: stands for hope, letters to work wonders on undead and unstable veterans. Hands out to help back up, back on track, back in stars, darkness needed for stars at night. 

I'm sorry for the pains, that family and life in the military have thrown at you! I don't know if you're aware of this Starr, but more of our brave young Vets have taken their own lives through suicide than all of those that have been killed in every single battle fought in every war in both Iraq and Afghanistan combined. 

Veterans home from the wars, brave souls to fight for rites to live. Suicides committed, veterans sad and blue, jokes in faces of the monkeys swinging on trees. Shame in the life given after time served in the military, seas of tears to cross, for the Americans dead, sad stories of dead veterans. And it is still going on as I write! It gives me cause to wonder how you are doing? It sounds as though you have a positive attitude and high hopes for your future which shows already your strength and your resolve!

  Rats......familyfuckfestthursdaysindec2014.blogspot.comCached 7608512267 (May 9, 2013)760 360 1613: with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair. 

The lucky guy, songs to sing, good times, movies to see. Lucky card player, at wars in battles, fun and games. Skills and luck, friends and foes at the table. Chats online to do, best to play, good times. Crooks and robbers, poker players in the family, songs to sing. Dreams of mothers dead, singer in the family, dead to rights.

Cold winds in the city of sins, games of chance, poker players, movie to see. Cards, chips and coins, five fingers to play, cards on the table, players and bets, games to play. Jackpots, cards in hand, lucky guy. Trips to islands, coins for boat man, trips to hell, gifts to share. Horse and pony shows, rats and cards, games to play, dances in the dark.

Schools of hard knocks, lessons to learn, more than two times, love and hate, goats to sheep,  horns or not. Tales to share, history notes, good timed, stories recorded. UPDATES: History recorded, July 21, 2015: Another story fresh from the seas of frogs.  Steven Jarrot, niggers and white slaves, history online. Holiday from male frogs with offspring in April, 16, 1995, Rachellyn1010 , Rachel  Wigsout , Rachel  Jarrot , one day a year, joys and pleasures. Done and over. Looking at the days, months, and color of your shirt, a new fairy tale. Let's take September 4, 1962, first attempts  in learning, learned in first attempt. Life lessons to share.

Flipping the coin, looking in the mirror in yesterday, days done. It was the third of September, in the month of March 2011:  This was how the story went. Guy met girl, loved the image, black female veteran, the first one, stories so funny, kept the girl for awhile. Happy with girl of his dreams, mother met her, was not  able to talk, scream and yellowed for police. What a show, bitch in heat, scared to death, funny to see, Rachel Jarrot had a big laugh. Still laughing no doubt, not sure. What a happy day it was, trip to meet the mother, Sima Jarrot, the Queen of Cuba? Not the queen of ENLAND for sure. Lessons learned alone the way, good times, cards on the table. 

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