Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wild Cows

Walks Nights : Cows out tonight, Eleplants and calfs in the wild, green lights, stars to shine. Dates in the wild, dates in the dark, dates on the beach with a snake. Snakes in dens, snakes under the skins, faces in the mirror to watch. Cows on land, cows in the wild, tales of monkeys out to eat. 

Land whales, frogs and freaks, horse and pony shows. Rats and snakes in the wind, monkeys swinging on dogwood trees. Good times to share, songs to sing, dances in the dark, with the stars out tonight. Gifts of joys and pains, saint and sinners stains, jokes on clowns, laughter on boats.

 Ships of dreams, ships of fools, songs to sing, sailing the seven seas. Wishes, dreams and prayers to float, angels on lands and see, mistakes corrected or not. Lessons on the beach, classes in the heat, sunny and bright sinners and saints. 

Fires on the shores of time, fires build on the beach, fish and frogs to eat. Happy dazes again, glory dazes done, fires on the beach, food and fun. Thanks in songs and dances, hands to wave in the air, thanks and praises done. Gifts of tips, gifts of tales to share, in the end only things left.

 Good wills, free wills, and last wills to take, to tell what life was all about. Tricks and trades with the Jewish dead, suckers undead and unstable, dogs and frogs, lessons to learn, life on a beach. Joys and pleasures sites to see, in the end, bright lights on the other side. Dead, bones in a box to bury, donkeys and monkeys to spare, joys and laughter, dances to dead. 

Dead monkeys, dead snakes in dens, Jewish Rites, gifts to tell, stories and tales. Blogs for this, and tweets for that, stories online, history created, his stories, not news. 

 Manuel Lima: A visual history of human knowledge...Pilot:Jessica Cox is the world's first licensed armless pilot, as well as the first armless black-belt in the American Taekwondo Association. She was born without arms due to a rare birth defect. Wikipedia: BornFebruary 2, 1983 (age 31), Sierra Vista, AZ: EducationUniversity of Arizona

  1. What a life to share the bumps on the roads taken always full speed ahead, gifts to share of the cherries with the pitts, rocks under the sand and surf of the beaches. Mountains to climb and valleys to cross, not my life, just thankful for the lessons on displace, thankful not my tales to live this life of joys and pains, angels for the gifts to share, goodness and mercy, dreams in the wind, 420 blowing on the sands and the seas of life, joys and delights of a full life, with the hard knocks, and a smile to light the dark nights on the bright side of the moons. Happy and delight for the gift to write, and the gift of right and reasons for the season of good wishes and joy and happiness.

Frogs, rats running the races to more and better dazes on the right side of the graves, his story to share, my stories to share, in the blogs, in the tweets, in the views on questions around the internet. Pieces of a dream life, that was a night mare for me, stuck in a coffin with my boyfriend, Steven Jay Jarrot, displace veteran with a dick to suck for the cock sucker, a dick for the bottom boy of craigslist, oral expert, gay guy that knows his way around man candy, dicks and tricks to trade always, 7608512267, fuck fest with Rachel, and Sheri Jarrot, fruits and nuts to go in the RV at the beach the best for Steven and the low lifes for a day vacation, not for life of a full grown freak, or frog just another dick or dog on the outside, waiting for the cattle and whales in the tribe. 

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Crows Calls, Cattle calls, fresh meat to bake, fish to fry: Dances on the sands of time, notes to dead left in the sands. Birds to sing, crows call, birds in sky. Angels goodness and mercy, dress up for dates. Dazes of the dead, dazes of joys and pains, tips to get to heights of heavens in sky. Trips to the moon, trips to heaven, trips of joys and pleasures. Birds of a feather, birds of a flock, birds and bees in the dogwood trees.

Ducks Notes:Time for a new look, instead of monkeys, let's use ducks. Monkey see, monkey say and monkey hear, flip the coins, for same look in ducks. Water off a ducks back, time never stops, with the monkeys on backs of duck, and hope to fuck a duck in water? Happy go lucky ducks to say, to hear, to eat for food to eat. Ducks are monkeys, taste like chicken, bones in a box, trips to the moons, dances with kittens, dames and sweet dreams flumes. Joys and pains, water off a ducks back, moving on to dry and hot dazes in the sands, dances on the beach. Pictures flashing in a dreams, free as a bird.
 Earth Angel

In the still of the night, snakes bites, in the polls in the dark, necks out for cool air. Bites  once or twice, bite by a snake, time to he rolls of dice. Party and play pads, on the sands of times. Here today and gone tomorrow, candles in the wind. Red lights on for freaks out at night, suckers to cum, hell to pay. Good times with hell hounds, snakes in dens, dangers with land whales, tips and tails.

Bad Bitches, dykes and bitches in heat, cartoon hits, back in the day. Rachel and Reese Jarrot, Rachel Butch to date, Maya Jarrot, bitches and fag hags, Sima and Sheri Jarrot. FROGS AND SNAKES, tips to share, his stories, her stories 2. Bridges to See: Bridges to cross, in the California sun, good times...Plenty of frogs, plenty of fish, plenty of good and evil to check for the lights to come on. Sinners and saints, the seven days of the week, to party and play, tricks and traders on the low roads, RV camper. |Dream life of shit to trade, freaks out at night, suckers on the beach.

 Tricks and trades to cum and play on the dark sides of the moon. Frogs and fish trapped in dazes for the food of the land whales, to be eaten alive.  Tricks and trades to suck out free will, time on the cross, time in hell, time in a den of snakes. Notes of an angel or two, notes of a fair fight, to the rites to write the history, of love and hate. Tips, tales and tweets, notices over the internet, online for the good times shared.

August 29, 2015: Snakes and worms alive, Steven Jarrot, worm to date, hacker, crook, robber, bitch to dick, 7608512267 dicks snakes, and worm, lessons, classes-less butches, gifts of oral talents to share. Turns on top, bags of shit to trade, party and pay, 7608512267.

Cartoon Dreams: Time for the cat and mouse shows, time to watch the horse and pony shows, rats racing for the big breaks.Movie girls, music girls, muse for songs to create, notes of angels, birds and bees. Crows in heavens, doves to sing, dances in the wind, in the dogwood trees.

Happy notes, tales of wales, tips and jokes, to share, dances on the beach. Life guard shacks, swimmers and sinners, jokers and poker plays to the right, joys and pains. Angels on land and sees, tips from angels goodness and mercy, back to back. Good times, sad times, birds and bees, dazes in the sun, on the beach.Hola amigos, hello strangers to friends, jokes and laughs, to float your boats. Joys and pains, dances in the rain, not today, its sunny and bright.

In times to be brave, forever young, songs to sing, good futures, stairways to heaven, sacks of bones. In my heart, friends to remain, forever young. Micky Mouse, Tom and Jerry, cat and mouse games, cartoon hits. Joys and pains, songs to sing, when you fly away, just hope the wisdom was out to share. Behind you win or lose, the golden rules, trips to the moon, tips for today. Earth angels, angels in sky today, gifts of joy and pleasures to share.

Body in the sands, on the beach, trips to the dances with fires of frogs and snakes, suckers to date. Gifts of drugs, sex and oral talents to share, in a dated RV, songs by the fires. Happy notes of life on a cross, and monkeys on dogwood trees, fools to hands. Joys and hopes for a good life, lessons

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