Saturday, August 22, 2015

Police Cars

Red lights
Cars to dream, cars to dates, better that snakes in dens, free rides. Trips to hell, fast cars, devils with horns. Love and hate horns to goats, holes in ships, frogs to drown. Jokes on boats, sands of time, dances on beach to seas, dances in the dark.
Uncle Codes: Man from Uncle, Superman, Russian spies, moves tosee, last one best, bats in sky. Trips to hell, trips to moon, dreams in action, birds and bees. Red cars, red times, rag times of month.

Red cards, red cars, Chinese food, down south treats.  Red wings to get, suckers on rags, freaks and frogs, snakes on sticks to burn. Dances with snakes, dances in good times, tips and tales. Second trips to hell with hell hounds, fruits and nuts, on the ground. Tips and dates with crooks and snakes, joys and pains. Jumps for joy, out of rain. Frogs to reign, frogs to fry, joys and pains, bumps in roads. Tricked and pimped, by fags, and crooks. Cheaters and liars, herds of fools, packs of snakes, dens of hogs. Junk to sell, junks to steal, credit or stamps from dead.

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Crow Calls:Birds to sing, crows call, birds in sky. Angels goodness and mercy, dress up for dates. Dazes of the dead, dazes of joys and pains, tips to get to heights of heavens in sky. Trips to the moon, trips to heaven, trips of joys and pleasures. Birds of a feather, birds of a flock, birds and bees in the dogwood trees. Snakes, and flying frogs, branches on trees, into the woods to go. Dates with dogs, spiders and snakes, angels out to scout, the tricks and the trades, dazes in the sun, dazes to hide and run.

Bats at night, birds and bees, dances under the stars.  Jokes and laughs  snakes on sticks, fires started, freaks to burn, dances under the stars. Tricks and trades, bimbos in heat, dogs and faux, games on words, balls in air.
 Hope fire burning forever, hope is to hold on, pain ends, birds and bees, songs to sing. Joys and pains, good and bad, joys and pleasures, good and evil, deeds and actions rewards. Gifts for sinners and saints, frogs and freaks with heads in asses of tricks and traders, life is a beach then you die. Veterans dead with snakes, veterans dead in RV fires, veterans lost and confused, dead without hope. Hold on, pains ends: stands for hope, letters to work wonders on undead and unstable veterans. Hands out to help back up, back on track, back in stars, darkness needed for stars at night.

Have time to spare, and tips with tales to share, dazes and stoned at the beach, horse and fox racing for show. Trips to the heavens, trips to hell, lessons on land and seas, dates with bats at bay, dates with snakes for a day. Packs of monkeys, herds of cows, farmer in the dell, swinging on dogwood tree. Cows grazing, farmers with sheep, animals on a farm, goats and hogs. Trips by train, trips by car, dances on beach, at the end of dazes, sands of time, time on lands. Time to make a stand. 

Time of our lives, seasons and reasons to dance, time in the sands. Happy Birthday notes: all the best to sheep and goats, all the best to frogs and freaks, life on the beach, songs to sing. Happy dazes again, chuck moore now, glory dazes again, names to flash in the wind. Jokes on words used, fun and games, dances in the dark done again. Land whale, butch forever, horse and pony shows, crooks, cheaters and liars, monkeys to dodge.  RaƧhel Butch, Rachel Wigsoff, Rachel Jarrot - Journalism (From The View of an Advertiser) Cum Suckers, tricks on corners, cash or credit, cows do fly. Frog Army, Snakes in dens, angels to see in the host, high on air. › jor2361 › 2014/03/02... One day for free, cattle do fly, clowns to the left. Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to, fuck a wide-ass buffalo, licks to trade, Jewish land whale, tipping cows: chat with Rachel Jarrot, a peer from my Journalism ...Rachel Jarrot, butch forever, - Vine › co › ...

I'm sorry for the pains, that family and life in the military have thrown at you! I don't know if you're aware of this Starr, but more of our brave young Vets have taken their own lives through suicide than all of those that have been killed in every single battle fought in every war in both Iraq and Afghanistan combined. 

Veterans home from the wars, brave souls to fight for rites to live. Suicides committed, veterans sad and blue, jokes in faces of the monkeys swinging on trees. Shame in the life given after time served in the military, seas of tears to cross, for the Americans dead, sad stories of dead veterans. And it is still going on as I write! It gives me cause to wonder how you are doing? It sounds as though you have a positive attitude and high hopes for your future which shows already your strength and your resolve!

Fights at night, hairs lost, games to play, monkeys swinging on dogwood trees. Charley Jarrot, Jesus Christ, Jesuit Charlie: lessons and classes on the beach. Love and hate, joys and pains, blue birds to sing.  Tom, Uncle Sam, uncles snakes, Charles R. Jarrot, steals baby jewels. Crooks and robbers, uncles Steven and Charley Jarrot 7607778998, in Beverly Hills, jokes and songs.

Trips to hell, baby lost in waters, dirt freaks. Baby's  burns, suckers to teach, crooks to burn, cats in cradles, monkeys on trees. Into the woods, into credit and cash crimes. Veteran alert, babes of color, veteran females to prey, cash or credit to pay. Tricks and dogs, monkeys and snakes, swinging on dogwood trees.

Girls that became mothers, girls that became mothers and teachers, girls that became doctors, girls that were the examples for the other girls behind them. Mothers and grandmothers of the girls to women, practice done over time and forever. Teachers or students the girls match the skills to the acts of kindness needed for the big pictures, on the roads to greatness, gifts to share with the stories told.

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  1. .....fingers to point, voices to sing, birds headed to stars at night. Joys and pains, dances in the rain, joys and pains, birds in the fires. Jumps for joy, song and dance, tales and stories to holler. Hello to arms, high to America birds, to the fingers as the bad, and dead. Dead to rights, dead notes to write, goodness and mercy angels back to back. Time to return to stage one, rebirth in process, looks and charms works so well, have to learn a new trick or two, donkeys in the hills of Riverside, CA. Returns, rewards, gifts to be given for great work of goodness and kindness to the lost, confused, mental wreaks, veterans, females black and Mexican, and the love of family, the love of the down and out, help given with free will.